Time Based Art: Recess Tea Party

TBA: Recess Tea Party TBA: Recess Tea Party Time Based Art: Recess Tea Party Time Based Art: Recess Tea PartyOn Sunday, Lewis hosted a performance art event that is part of the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art's Time Base Art Festival. Gary Wiseman, a local artist, and former Lewis student, held a Recess Tea Party on the playground at Lewis.

Tea Project, a series of interactive performances, will inspire, instruct, and reinvigorate as it revisits sites and themes from the artist’s Portland childhood and creates temporary refuges in our social landscape. Part community ritual, part spontaneous improvisation, and part consensual transformation, Tea Project redefines active participation and blurs the boundaries between viewer and performer.

The Lewis event involved a memory Gary has of recess at Lewis. Specifically it involved recess and a rule instituted by the principal at the time that children could not engage in chase games. The performance involved dancers acting as school girls chasing Gary during recess while under the guise of "just jumping roping". Many Lewis students took part and the event was a great way to start the year. As I said to the kids involved, sometimes you paint a picture and put it on a wall and we call it art. Sometimes you go to a concert and the symphony plays, and we call it art. And sometimes we come together and share a memory, and we call it art...