Piclens Update

I've written about PicLens, (here and here) the immersive image technology (a browser extension) that allows you to bring up full screen images to your browser from popular web sites such as Flickr, Google Images, and Yahoo, in addition to providing a plugin that brings the same technology to your blogs. I use it sometimes as a presentation platform. I have exported to Flickr a couple of standard presentations about my school that I am sometimes asked to give, and have arranged them as sets. I have them ready for just in time type presentations and utilize the PicLens interface to "present."

Today the New York Times has an a article about Piclens. The recent update to the browser extension now provides a more immersive interface...

The software does away with the browser frame and gives the user the effect of flying through a three-dimensional space that feels like an unending hallway of images. In the future, the Cooliris designers plan to make it possible to browse text and video as well.

I am really impressed with the 3D effects. It is quite a different experience walking through a Flickr photostream using this tool. Below is a short screencast demonstration using the PicLens plugin for Firefox. (Note to Safari 3.0 users... there seems to be an issue and from their web site they are working on it...)


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