How I use Quicksilver II: Scripts | jwdunn

How I use Quicksilver II: Scripts | jwdunn"

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Joseph Dunn explains how he uses Quicksilver. In this second part he talks about scripts and how he uses Quicksilver to do all kinds of useful things on his Mac. The one that caught my eye is the script that strips out formating from copied text...

How I use Quicksilver II: Scripts

Quicksilver is the first program any self-respecting Mac user should install on their box. Instead of giving a general overview of its features (there are already plenty of those), I’m going to prove Quicksilver’s worth by going over exactly how I use it.

This is part two, on scripts.

As I mentioned in the first installment of this bit, I’m going to devote this entire post to explaining how I use scripts with QS. I want to go over some general tricks for employing Quicksilver to run Applescripts and commands as well as discuss some useful QS actions, which are just more complicated scripts that accept inputs from the QS interface.