Air Mouse: Remote Mouse and Touchpad for your Computer

A teacher friend of mine sent me an email this morning with a link to an iPhone/iPod Touch application called Air Mouse. Basically it is a remote control for your computer. It turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote mouse for your Mac or PC. I am thinking that this application along with an iPod Touch, a computer and a data projector and you have a very nice tool for teachers and students. This is timely because I have recently received on loan a bluetooth tablet for use with our interactive whiteboards. I found the utility to be a bit wanting, but also see the benefit of having a device that a teacher can use as she walks around the classroom. Looking into the cost of the bluetooth tablets also has me wondering about them. Now after installing and using the Air Mouse I am thinking it much more cost effective to just buy a teacher an iPod Touch and the Air Mouse application. For about half the cost of the Bluetooth tablet, I can give a teacher a better tool for remote control of her computer as she moves around her classroom, and along with it all the productivity and creativity that comes with the iPod Touch. Am going to see about doing a few pilots with some of my teachers.200902010918.jpg