Busted Wordpress Plugins...

On Saturday I noticed that my school web site lewiselementary.org
(which is run on Wordpress) was not loading. I tried to login but
could not even log into the site at all. After sitting around thinking
about what the problem could be I decided that it must be one of the
many, (maybe too many...) plugins I was running on the site. I was
able to FTP into the site and then moved all the plugins out of the
Wordpress plugin directory into the parent directory. This solved the
problem, but now I need to figure out which of the plugins was the one
causing the problem. I was going to write about this this morning,
when I noticed that this site was not coming up. I again applied my
trouble shooting model and moved all the plugins out of the plugin
directory and now the site is up. I plan to print out the directory
listing of each plugin and do some cross referencing and
troubleshooting later today. Will let you know which one I think was
acting up...

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