Uploading Photos and Video from my D90 via Eye-Fi and Clear

I have been playing around with my Nikon D90 and the Eye-Fi SD Card that enables you to wirelessly transfer images from your digital camera to your computer and also post them to photo and video sharing sites via a Wi-Fi connection. A recent upgrade to the Eye-Fi now allows you to selectively upload images and video. Before the upgrade, all the images you took were automatically uploaded. This really limited the utility of the card. With the upgrade, you can now choose which images to upgrade simply by using the "protect" feature found on most digital cameras. The act of protecting an image initiates the upload process. This works great when I am home, but I was thinking it would be nice to be able to upload images as I took them. I have a Clear WiMax account and the folks at Clear have provided my school a wi-fi hotspot device (Clear Spot) that connects to the Clear WiMax network in Portland. The mobile hotspot allows you to connect to the web via Wi-Fi anywhere you get the Clear service. With a bit of tweaking of the hotspot I have added this network to the Eye-Fi SD card. While not as small as the recently announced MiFi Personal Hotspot, the Clear Spot device easily fits into a backpack of camera bag. (Another option to consider is if tethering the Eye-Fi card to my iPhone would work, but will need to wait and see how much AT&T is going to charge for that feature...)

I have my Eye-Fi Card configured to upload images and videos to my Flickr account. I have set it up so that the images are initially private. With my iPhone, I can review the images and edit titles and descriptions before making them publicly available.

WiPipe and Clear A Pretty Nice Father's Day in Portland... photo.jpg