Audio Postcard: Walking in the Lewis Garden

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I have been looking for a method to post images, text, and audio to the web in a single post using my iPhone, and through the use of Posterous have come up with a work flow that does this for me. Posterous is a web publishing tool that you post to via email. You can attach digital files such as photos, audio files, video files and various text files to the email and they will automatically be formatted and posted to your Posterous blog. In addition you can set up your Posterous account so that anything you post to Posterous will also be posted other sites such as a blog, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook and a number of other web publishing sites.

The example above is an audio postcard that I sent to Posterous via email from my iPhone. I started out by taking a few photographs in the garden. I then reviewed the images in the Photos app. In Photos you now have the option of selecting multiple images and once selected, you can copy them to the clipboard. Once I had my images on the clipboard, I then launched the Voice Memo app and recorded my audio message. In Voice Memo, you have the option of emailing your recorded memo. By selecting this option, Voice Memo launched the Mail app and attached the audio message to an email. I then addressed the email to my Posterous account, pasted in the images I had previously copied from the Photos app, added my text to the email message, and then sent the email to my Posterous account.

I'm toying with ways of using this in my work. Maybe keeping an audio journal in Posterous of classroom visits and walk throughs. Am thinking a teacher could set something like this up and utilize an iPod Touch to have students post a daily audio message about what went on that day in class. (If rumors are correct, the updated iPod Touch will include a camera and then they could be utilized in the manner I outlined above.) Posterous provides an option to make a Posterous blog post private and you can also set up multiple Posterous blogs... More to think about and play with...

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Note: I do wish that Posterous would format the content on my blog, the way that it is formatted in my Posterous blog... See image below...

Audio Postcard: Walking in the Lewis Garden - Tim's posterous
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