Audio Postcards with Posterous

I've been playing around a bit with Posterous and its ability to post audio recordings from my iPhone along with several images to create audio postcards. The example linked below is of a recent trip up to Mt. Tabor park for an evening concert. It is a pretty easy process.( a good description of this can be found on John Johnston's Posterous blog...) Basically I take some images, then using the iPhone's audio recorder app, I record a message and then select the email option. I paste a few images from the Camera Roll app and add any text and then email the message to my posterous account and I have a post with images, text and an audio file. I have created a separate Posterous blog for these audio postcards and I can route the RSS feed from this blog to my account and embed the audio postcard feed in the sidebar. Posterous is really an interesting tool for streaming content to lots of different places...

Concert on Mt. Tabor. If this was a SEC event I might be in trouble.


Soul City playing at Mt. Tabor Park


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