New Kodax Zi8 Camcorder

I am thinking of setting up some kind of digital journal for myself and my staff using a private site (am thinking of WordPress or Posterous..) I want to be able to capture moments throughout the school day/week, interviews with students, staff and parents, samples of student work and so on... (I'll see how this goes... :-) ) and create a digital reflection that I might share with staff to highlight best practices I see around the building, and also to pose questions about our practice. As part of this process I have been looking for a pocketable HD camcorder and last week I picked up a Kodak Zi8 HD camcorder.

 I have been looking for something that I can walk around with at school and use quickly. While we also have a few Flip's at school, the Kodak feature set is a bit stronger including recording in multiple HD formats, SD card support, built in HDMI support with included cable, the ability to capture stills,  and the option of using an external mic.

I haven't played around with it that much yet, but as I play with it more, and get my journal site up, I'll share some more results.
Yesterday I took it on my ride and shot a little bit of video and took some stills. Below is the playground at Buckman Elementary. I worked at Buckman for 10 years and ride by it quite a bit...

Download now or watch on posterous

105_6737.MOV (23896 KB)

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