Using Flipboard to view your Flickr Stream...

I have been enjoying Flipboard (, the iPad social magazine application. I like how it grabs content from my social networks and presents it in an attractive magazine style. For example a friend might point to an image or an article using Twitter. Flipboard will take that link and parse it and present it graphically along with other longs and posts from my social streams.

I was thinking it would be great it if could grab my Flickr stream (my photos, and also photos from my contacts) and present it to me in this manner. Flipboard does not currently do this, though i would expect at some point it will. This got me thinking about how to do this and I came up the solution of creating another Twitter account and then using Twitterfeed ( to have it automatically create a Twitter stream from the RSS file of my own Flickr account, and of the stream of my Flickr contacts. With Twitterfeed you can basically autopost items from any RSS feed to a Twitter account.

I created a Twitter account for Photographs. The account grabs my photos, and photos from my Flickr contacts, and creates a stream. I then subscribed to this Twitter feed with Flipboard and now the images flow into Flipboard. I have a couple of scene shots below.

Posted via email from Tim Lauer