Street Gardens...

It has been a year since I bought a bike and started riding it on my commute to school. This is something I wish I had done years ago. The freedom of hopping on the bike and propelling myself down the street  is something that I really enjoy. I also enjoy the street level view of the world that riding a bike provides. You just don't get that from a car. I find myself noticing and observing much more as I make my way to and from school.

One of the things I've been noticing is what people do with the parkway area that lies between the sidewalk and the street. I see more and more little gardens popping up in these spaces.  I find this use of these spaces both inspiring and intriguing . The images below are from an area just south of Powell Blvd. I have enjoyed watching the plots move through their various stages as the seasons come and go. 

Posted via email from Tim Lauer