NYTimes: A Teachable Moment

A Teachable Moment - Education in a Post-Katrina New Orleans -

The city’s disastrously low-performing school system was almost entirely washed away in the flood — many of the buildings were destroyed, the school board was taken over and all the teachers were fired. What is being built in its place is an educational landscape unlike any other, a radical experiment in reform. More than half of the city’s public-school students are now being educated in charter schools, publicly financed but privately run, and most of the rest are enrolled in schools run by an unusually decentralized and rapidly changing school district. From across the country, and in increasing numbers, hundreds of ambitious, idealistic young educators like Hardrick and Sanders have descended on New Orleans, determined to take advantage of the opportunity not just to innovate and reinvent but also to prove to the rest of the country that an entire city of children in the demographic generally considered the hardest to educate... can achieve high levels of academic success...

Joshua Schachter: Future of Tagging

Beth Kanter has a very good and detailed post about Joshual Schachter's (the guy behind recent presentation at the Berkman Center... Last night I attended Berkman special evening event titled “Future of Tagging” with Joshua Schachter, founder of delicious, with David Weinberger, Berkman Fellow, who moderated.  (Schachter also gave a luncheon presentation and you can read Deborah Finn's notes and David Weinberger's live blogging of the session.)

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Creating Custom Podcast Feeds Using

Since the files ended in a .mp3, added them to a unique RSS feed: If others also used the tag, educast to tag educational related podcasts, then I could also subscribe to those postings by using this URL: This can get pretty powerful when other folks are tagging items. For example if Tim Wilson, or Steve Burt, or Meredith Melragon uses the educast tag to identify podcasts that they find of interest, these will pop up in iTunes or in my RSS reader, Netnewswire.

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