Google Docs New features for 2008!

Official Google Docs Blog: New features for 2008!:

Google has added some new features to its Google Docs applications. These include the ability to create sub folders and the ability to rename documents within the Docs home toolbar view. The one that is of most interest to me is the ability to embed Google Docs Presentations into a web page. This is similar to what is available on sites such as SlideShare. The key benefit being that you can now do this from within your Google Docs workflow. This feature is available when you publish a Google Docs Presentation. Some code is generated that you can then past into a web page or weblog post.

I am wondering if Apple will update their iLife applications to take advantage of this. They already have an export to YouTube option within Keynote. It would be nice if they added the ability to directly upload and publish a Keynote presentation in this way.

Below is a screen shot...

Screenshot 03-1

Google Maps: My Location and Navizon

Google Maps with My Location for mobile devices allows you to approximate your location even if your phone does not have GPS capabilities. It utilizes information from your cell phone and proximity to cell phone towers to approximate your location. It works with most mobile phones and will allow you to search for places based on your current location.The video below explains how it works...

It currently is not available on the Google Maps application that comes with the iPhone but Google support indicated that is will be available soon. For iPhone users who have unlocked their phones, a similar tool from Navizon is available for download. It basically does the same thing.

For example this morning I took my daughter to an appointment. I had to wait around so wanted to grab a cup of coffee. I launched the Navizon application and it found my approximate location (within about 2 blocks....) and then I searched for "Coffee" and found a shop within just a few blocks. From my limited experience it works well in areas with a high concentration of cell phone towers. As this kind of thing gets better, the need to have a power draining GPS unit on a mobile phone will diminish.

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