Does 1800Flowers Deliver to Barbados?

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Do you live in Barbados and wanted to buy products from 1800Flowers? You may notice that it’s not possible to purchase the products outright from 1800Flowers, the 1800Flowers will not ship to any country outside the US, including Barbados.

It’s annoying because 1800Flowers’s products are must-haves. There is a way to work around 1800Flowers’s shipping situation – a method that can work with many US stores.

Sign up with a Shipping Forwarder

The first thing you’ll need to do is sign up with a US-based shipping forwarder. This service gives you an address in the US to use when ordering from American stores like 1800Flowers.

After you’ve completed the 1800Flowers order, the forwarder waits for the delivery so it can be shipped to you in Barbados.

There is a myriad of shipping forwarders to choose from, but the most popular is Shipito.

Reasons Why You Should Use Shipito

For over 10 years, Shipito has been shipping millions of packages to hundreds of dozens of international countries. With thousands of satisfied customers, you know your order is in safe hands.

Shipito is also one of the cheapest package forwarders out there. It runs about 80% less than other shipping methods by combining several orders into one package.

When it comes to bang for your buck, Shipito is number one.

When ordering from 1800Flowers has become difficult to do, Shipito’s team will help you through its assisted purchasing service. Give them the order details, they’ll place the order, and then once it arrives, they’ll ship it to you.

Shipito handles everything for you. They work with buyers who order every once in a while or every other day, meaning Shipito has various options that fit your situation.


Sign Up For Your Free US Address From Shipito

To begin, go to the Shipito website and start an account.

When you sign up, Shipito provides you with an address that you input into the order form of 1800Flowers or any online retailer you’re trying to buy from.

The items are shipped to Shipito’s warehouse. Don’t worry; when it turns up, they’ll let you know. In fact, they’ll even take detailed photos of your order so you can rest assured knowing it’s safe.

With multiple orders, Shipito consolidates them into a larger package to save you money on shipping costs.

The last thing to do is select which carrier you want to use for delivery to Barbados. You can also choose from different shipping times, depending on how quickly you want your delivery.

Shipito’s service allows people from all over the world to order awesome products from 1800Flowers — even if they live in Barbados.

Shipito ships to all the cities in Barbados such as:

Saint Michael.