Does 1800Flowers Deliver to Denmark?

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The products you find at 1800Flowers aren’t easily found on other online websites and stores. People across the globe love what they have to offer, but due to their shipping restrictions, the company won’t ship to international countries such as Denmark.

While it is frustrating for lovers of 1800Flowers goods, we know how to bypass the restrictions and ensures that you can order anything from the 1800Flowers online store and send it to Denmark.

In fact, it’s a method usable with any number of stores located in the US.

Sign up with a Shipping Forwarder

If you want to buy from 1800Flowers and have them shipped to your home in Denmark, you will need to register with an American shipping forwarding service.

What is a shipping forwarding service, you ask? The forwarder gives you an address based in the US that you use for ordering. When the order arrives at its facilities, the product is shipped to you in Denmark.

Shipito is one of the best forwarding services out there for several reasons.

What Reasons Make Shipito The Go-To In The Shipping Forwarding Industry

First and foremost, Shipito is one of the longest established shipping forwarders, they’ve been operating since 2009. In that time, they’ve worked with thousands of individuals from all over the globe to ship parcels internationally. You can trust Shipito to handle your order with care.

When it comes to costs, Shipito is one of the cheapest forwarders out there. Not only are they 80% cheaper than most of the other services, but they also provide you with additional savings by consolidating multiple orders into one package before shipping, this saves you even more on shipping fees.

If you’re having difficulties ordering from 1800Flowers or other American stores, Shipito will help. They offer an assisted purchasing service, which means their team will place your order with 1800Flowers on your behalf. Let them know what you want to buy, and they make the purchase for you. No hassle, no drama!.

No matter what kind of buyer you are, Shipito offers multiple options, If you order once a month or once a week, Shipito is here for you.


Sign Up For Your Free US Address From Shipito

To begin, go to the Shipito website and start an account.

When you sign up, Shipito provides you with an address that you input into the order form of 1800Flowers or any online retailer you’re trying to buy from.

The items are shipped to Shipito’s warehouse. Don’t worry; when it turns up, they’ll let you know. The team takes pictures of the order, so you know it’s what you ordered.

With multiple orders, Shipito consolidates them into a larger package to save you money on shipping costs.

You have your choice of shipping methods, including carriers and times.

Shipito handles the rest, and you just wait for the order to arrive.

Wherever you are in the world, you can now take advantage of Shipito’s package forwarding service to order 1800Flowers goods from abroad.

Shipito ships to all the cities in Denmark such as:

Central Jutland, South Denmark, Capital Region, Zealand, North Denmark.