Does 1800Flowers Deliver to Finland?

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As a resident of Finland, buying from a US-based 1800Flowers is difficult because of their policy not to ship to Finland. It’s a real shame since they have so many great products you may be unable to find elsewhere.

Don’t give up hope yet. we have a method of bypassing 1800Flowers’s international shipping restrictions. In fact, you can use this method to ship goods to Finland from any US-based store, quickly and easily.

Use a Shipping Forwarding Service

If you want to buy from 1800Flowers and have them shipped to your home in Finland, you will need to register with an American shipping forwarding service.

What exactly is a shipping forwarding service? Well, a forwarder will provide you with a US-based address that you can use when ordering from 1800Flowers. The forwarder will wait for your order to be delivered to their facilities, where they’ll forward it on to you in Finland.

Shipito is one of the best forwarding services out there for several reasons.

The Key Benefits of Using Shipito

Shipito has been around for more than 12 years now, and in that time, they’ve shipped millions of packages globally. With thousands of satisfied customers, you know your order is in safe hands.

Another reason Shipito is so popular is its cost. In addition to costing up to 80% less than traditional shipping methods, Shipito also saves you extra money by consolidating multiple orders into one large package.

If you want the most from your money, Shipito is the way to go.

When ordering from 1800Flowers gives you problems, Shipito is the answer. The company offers a purchase service that works by them ordering for you.

Shipito is for regular or non-regular buyers alike. It is the ultimate solution to international ordering from US companies.


Receive a Free US-Based Address from Shipito

When you sign up with Shipito, you are provided with a US-based address. This is the address you’ll need to add to the checkout form of the 1800Flowers.

Shipito will take delivery of your order at their US facilities and let you know it has arrived. If you have multiple packages, they’ll be repackaged into a single box to reduce the shipping costs. They’ll also add more protection to keep your products safe while it’s shipped overseas.

Shipito’s excellent service also extends to giving you control over which carrier to do business with and delivery dates. If time isn’t of the essence and you want to save money, or you need the item faster, having a choice is great, Shipito gives you the power to determine what you need.

It’s an effective way for Finland residents to order from 1800Flowers and receive their products. Now all you need to do is sit back and wait for a knock at the door.

Shipito ships to all the cities in Finland such as:

Pirkanmaa, Uusimaa, Northern Savo, Ostrobothnia, Southwest Finland, Lapland, Southern Ostrobothnia, Southern Savonia, Häme, Satakunta, Northern Ostrobothnia, Central Finland, South Karelia, Päijänne Tavastia, Kymenlaakso, Central Ostrobothnia, Kainuu, North Karelia.