Does 1800Petmeds Deliver to Canada?

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1800Petmeds is an American store with all kinds of wonderful products to choose from. These products are popular choices for people from all over the world. Sadly, though, if you’re not based in the USA, you can’t place an order.

That’s because 1800Petmeds doesn’t ship internationally to Canada.

While that is annoying, we’ve discovered a method to get 1800Petmeds goods shipped to Canada. What’s even better is the method works with any US-based retailer with shipping restrictions.

Sign up with a Shipping Forwarder

If your home country is Canada and you like the products of 1800Petmeds, getting them shipped to you isn’t possible, However, a shipping forwarder is a middleman who gives you a US-based address to send your purchase to. How do you get one? By registering with a shipping forwarder.

A shipping forwarder will accept delivery of your order from 1800Petmeds, where it’ll be processed and sent out to you, no matter where you reside in the world.

One of the top shipping forwarders out there today is Shipito. But why is that?.

Why Has Shipito Become The Most Popular Service For International Orders

When you compare Shipito’s services to other known shipping forwarders, you’ll find their services cost less. With savings of up to 80%, Shipito is a cost-effective method to getting the products you buy from any US-based company.

Although Shipito is cheap, this doesn’t affect the quality, for 12 years now, the shipping forwarder has helped thousands of customers their purchases. With Shipito at your side, you know your packages are in good hands.

If you plan on ordering multiple packages, Shipito can consolidate them all into one large package before shipping it to you. This cuts down on costs even further.

Shipito offers various options tailored to your needs. One such example is their concierge service. You need to inform the Shipito team what you want, and the team will do the ordering for you.


Visit Shipito’s Website to Get Your Free US Address

Want your free US-based address? Simply go to Shipito’s website and register for an account. Sign up for an account and receive an address you use when ordering online with American companies.

Order from 1800Petmeds as normal, but under shipping address, enter the Shipito address. 1800Petmeds will send the order to the Shipito facility, Shipito will make you aware that the package has arrived.

They’ll process your items, which involves taking detailed photos and consolidating several orders into a single package if required.

Shipito will include extra protection to ensure products are safe in transit.

Shipito’s excellent service also extends to giving you control over which carrier to do business with and delivery dates. This is perfect for people who want to spend less, or for those who want their order shipped as fast as possible.

Shipito’s service offers a quick and efficient way for people from Canada to order anything from 1800Petmeds or any other US-based retailer. The only thing left to do is wait for the package to arrive.

Shipito ships to all the cities in Canada such as:

British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Northwest Territories.